Prime Day 2023: My Ultimate Guide to Top Deals and Must-Have Products

July 7, 2023

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Prime Day is just around the corner, coming up on July 11-12 and I’ve rounded up some of my faves for you. Get ready to discover unbeatable deals, score must-have products, and elevate your shopping game like never before.

I know you’re busy, and the little time you do have is precious. You don’t have time to waste scrolling. And that’s why I created my ultimate list to Prime Day, bringing together a handpicked selection of my fave must-have products. From my game-changing wellness essentials to upgrading your home, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s start with my top faves for the kitchen–

This Foodville frother has been my go-to every single day of existence for the last three years. It comes with a charging cord, but I probably have charged it only a handful of times since I’ve bought it. I use it for mixing ketones, frothing my coffee, whipping up cream or scrambling eggs.

Next on the list is my mini Dash waffle iron. This little guy comes in several different colors, and can be used for making chaffles (ahem, all my low carb friends– I have so many recipes I could share for this!) or if you just want a regular waffle, but not so big.

It’s no secret that the Instant Pot is probably one of my favorite investments just because it saves me so much time making dinner. I used to NEVER cook ribs or pork loin because I refuse to chew and chew and chew. I want those suckers to literally melt in my mouth. And that’s what this does for me. And it’s not nearly as scary to use as most people might think. Trust me, this thing’s not going to explode in your face like great grandma’s old pressure pot.

Do you own a blender? I have owned several and right now, I’m obsessed with my Ninja. Perfect for whipping up a smoothie or milkshake and it’s the perfect serving size without having to clean a whole bunch of parts.

And you know, it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with my Lodge cast iron. I tell Ronnie often that I’m going to throw away all my other pots and pans. I use my Dutch oven for cooking larger quantities like soups and stews. And then we use my larger deep pan for pretty much everything else. And how cool is it that the lid doubles as a skillet too?? HA! And when you grab the scrapers and brushes too, it makes clean up so much easier.

Finally I couldn’t live without my glass stove top cleaner. It makes that burnt on junk from cooking come right off and make the glass look just like brand new.

How about snacks??

Did you know you can grab low carb snacks from Amazon that you typically can’t get in your local grocery store? I’m telling you, they are making it so simple these days. No excuses, right?? You can grab my fave ChocZero products including their new butter Danish cookies, hazelnut spread, and strawberry jam.

Not sure if you knew there is a low carb pop-tart out there now…yep. Legendary Foods has got you covered!

I also love the Highkey cookies and Quest bars, chips, cookies and peanut butter cups to throw in my bag for when I’m on the go. I have a few more snack ideas on my list too. You have got to stock up!

I don’t really have a category for this, but I couldn’t not tell you about this next bit of stuff.

Before my trip to Vegas back in March I was convinced I could go on a plane for a 5-day trip and NOT check a bag. Only thing was I didn’t own a carry-on. So I did my research, and landed the BEST backpack carry-on out there by Lovevook. I just bought the girls backpacks for school this fall by them, and I’m already impressed by the quality. I told Riley I think I’ll never need to buy another backpack again, these things are so well made.

Of course, these cross bodies are so cute. I actually bought them in different colors, and I never do that!

I get a once a month massage, but in between times I get these awful knots in my neck and shoulders from working on my phone and computer a lot. Before my papa passed I remember going over to his house one night complaining about it and he made me sit in his recliner and wrap this thing around my neck, and …. I cannot even begin to describe to you how shocked I was and what that thing was doing to me. I went home and ordered mine immediately and never regretted it a second. Like having your own personal masseuse at home.

And finally I had to add my car wash and vacuum supplies. I’ve got kids, and my car stays a mess. I’d like to think I have a clean car often, but um that’s a ner. I used to pay for a car wash subscription but I don’t live in town, so even that was going to waste. So I thought investing in this car wash kit would get me excited. And it worked. I got the cute pink one and it was even fun to get the girls out there with me to clean things back up, inside and out. The carry case for the kit is a major plus, although I do have to admit I struggle closing it up with everything inside…lol. But that vacuum fits nicely in the back of my car in it’s bag and I can whip it out anytime I need it. Just plugs right into the outlet so no batteries necessary, and the cord is plenty long enough.

I could keep going…

Seriously, there are so many other of my Amazon buys I could recommend, but those are probably my top faves, and ones maybe you’ll be most interested in. I’ve added quite a few others– productivity tools, home decor, some of my fave books to the list, so you’ll have to take a look.

But there you have it! My fave Amazon finds. Good luck on Prime Day!! I’m thinking I’ll use this as an excuse to start my Christmas shopping early this year? (or maybe not, I say that every year…**cough)

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